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Learning Pathway

CEFR Levels

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to indicate the level of language understanding you already have in order to start and get the most out of one of our courses. The CEFR system has 3 tiers:

Basic (A1&A2), Independent (B1&B2), and Proficient (C1&C2).


A tailor-made course that fits every level of learner

All our courses are tailor-made
to support individuals, groups, corporates and educational
institutions – across all ages
and language levels – to learn,
study in, teach English or
work in India and abroad.

We deliver both offline 
and online courses.
Whatever you choose,
our aim is for you to
feel confident, energised,
and transformed.



At Englishifyu we provide


"Better quality"

Get robust experience

Our 15 years of teaching experience and academic expertise inform all course development and design,

so you get comprehensive, fully-integrated and robust experience every time."


"Stronger support"

Get dual-support

At Englishifyu,

we provide you with

a dedicated trainer and an educational counsellor throughout your journey to expertise the English language.


"More opportunity"

Get set go

All our courses are blended with live classes, self-learning, tasking and testing. This provides you the opportunity to unlock the journey of English speaking.

Beach Deck

   We Support   



Choose online courses - for all language levels and ages - to support you to achieve your
goals and long-term ambitions today.



We create tailor-made courses to match your group's needs and objectives by providing
expertise and dedicated support from 
inception to delivery.



Benefit from our successful track record of supporting international schools, universities, and organisations to develop
the capabilities and ambitions.

Meet The Team

Most promising. Fun-filled learning experience.

Englishifyu's six principles are providing the most promising, unforgettable

and fun-filled English language learning experiences to over 3,00,000+ students

and teachers of schools and universities.


Be the best version
of you can be

Our trainers always give their best and expect the same from you in the form of being active, attentive, and confident to speak English.


We show you a clear path
to your goals

Every lesson and activity, you have goal to achieve and we let you know exactly what your aims are and how to achieve them.


We help you to learn

We show how to achieve your goals faster by including learning in every part of your day.


A tailor-made
training methodology

We adopt the apt level of content from our ESL curricula depending upon your learning and understanding capability.


We give you
regular feedback

We assess you thrice during the course. It helps you understand the thicks and thin of your language.


We never
stop learning

We believe that being authentic and up-to-date is the quality of an excellent teacher. We strive to be the best we can be.


How does it work?

Book a free online demo 


of the course

Make payment online

Attend your sessions regularly

 Confidential feedback

Book a free online demo for 30 minutes with our English trainer. You will receive a call from a student counsellor. He/She will organise the demo class with one of our trainers.

You can have a glimpse of the session and the trainer help you find your language level to choose the right course and time slot from our range of courses to fulfill your requirements.

You shall choose one of our courses and make payment using a debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI, and wallets. After payment, you will receive login details for classes by email and Whatsapp.

Now you can take online classes with our trainer on Skype, Zoom, and Google meet. All our courses may vary from 30 to 60 minutes. We do provide Self-learning material to practise the same you learnt during the session.

After finishing your lessons, your trainer will provide detailed feedback to your counsellor. All your feedbacks are kept confidential and the same will be discussed with you confidentially.


Our Presence


Years of Experience




Service Support


Countries Worldwide


International Partnership


I'm pleased to give my heartfelt feedback about the course (Cambridge Advanced English) and the sessions that I'm pursuing under the guidance of the trainer. Even though I'm fluent in English, I wasn't aware of the mistakes I used to do in English before joining this course and was thinking that I'm using correct English. In the interim, I wish I would do a course and made a start with the CAE course. Within few sessions, I really felt a great change in me.


Because I used to speak English well, I failed to listen to what I was speaking at some cause. But after joining this course I use to listen to what I'm speaking with the help of listening skill activities and with the help of ma'am I could rectify my mistakes. The trainer never fails to ensure my clarity in all sessions and the syllabi she handles.

Whatever doubts I ask she uses to give me the best examples and clarifications from her side. Whenever I ask doubts she clears me with that.


I wish to thank ma'am in special. Thank you so much, ma'am. I have learned and learned English in depth through this course and by your guidance, with new vocabulary and other skills. I feel I  have improved a lot. This is one of the best parts of my studies. I'm still eager to learn a lot in this way. I hope now I'm better and will make my best soon. I will never forget ma'am who taught me and loaded me with lots of knowledge in English than I possessed before. And with still more training sessions I'm eager to take my exam and will give my best for sure.


Ms. Gayathri, India

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